Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Frameless Shower Doors

There would come a time that you want to change how your bathroom currently looks specially your shower area. You like to give a more modern and sophisticated design and its current one does not really give you this vibe. Or maybe you are building your own dream house right now and want each room to be modern looking.

There are many ways of doing this by choosing the right fixtures and decorations you will be placing in your bathroom. One of them is having custom frameless shower doors which you can order from a company offering this service. Here are several advantages and disadvantages of choosing to have this kind of doors for your shower.
Because of their customizable nature, you do not have limited choices with those mass produced ones in standard sizes. This will give you flexibility in installing exactly what you need depending on the size of your bathing area. Having a customizable one is important when using frameless doors because their measurements must be exact for a better fit.
They usually cost more though because a thicker glass is required for them in staying in place without using a frame. Another material used in holding them in place are those sturdier hardware like solid brass. So changing your mind while in the middle of bathroom remodeling would be costly so be certain of your decision before committing to having one installed.
Framed doors have the tendency to look bulky because their edges are covered in some form of seals such as rubber or metal. This is not a problem with the frameless ones because they look clean and fresh. It also helps in showcasing the intricate design of your bathroom tiles which are either in there already or part of your remodeling project.
Even when they are beautiful looking, their performance and function might be sacrificed because of it. Framed ones have seals in their edges for binding the door with the wall and floor to prevent leaks from happening. This is not the case with the frameless ones because they do not have these protective seals and leaks would happen unless they were cut to perfection.
That is why bathroom design is important in preventing leaks from happening when using this according to the experts. They said that most people aimed their shower heads towards the door instead at the wall opposite it. That is why most companies will want to be involved with designing the room for remodeling to avoid having these problems.
Frameless doors minimize the risk of molds growing in your bathroom by minimizing the area where water could collect. The reason is that the seals underneath a framed door would have water build up there where mildew and mold can form. These are not an issue with the other one and is easier to clean compared with them.

Although it rarely happens, the glass has a risk of exploding and shattering into tiny pieces. One of the reason for this is damage due to improper installation or during transportation. Another is glass inclusions which are defects when a particle gets inside them during the process of fabrication.